Pregnant mother, who was not vaccinated due to her beliefs, gave birth to her 6th child before she died of COVID and pneumonia related to the virus

Lawrence Post
Lawrence Post
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The 27-year-old mom of six reportedly died after battling COVID-19 and pneumonia related to the virus. Her husband said that he and his wife were not vaccinated due to their beliefs. The mother was pregnant with their sixth child when the couple caught COVID-19. The woman from Texas, Crystal...

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We had a vaccinated mother transferred to us from a smaller hospital. She spent 25 days in ICU before they decided they needed to do a c-section as mother was not getting better and the babies vitals were not doing good. Within 2 hours and just shy of 30 minutes the mother passed away from covid. Sorry, but it happens to both not just one.

Thomas Pandelos

I’m vaccinated and currently battling Covid-19 with three of my children. One that I gave birth early in 2020 at 28 weeks. This stuff is no joke and attacks anyone even if they are vaccinated.

Raad k

Sooo the hospital refused to treat the viral pneumonia which worsened and led to this women's death? Sounds about right. Cause they told my wife she had viral pneumonia and nothing they can do, it's just got to run its chores. Literally. The hospital ran tests, found the pneumonia, did a covid swap and said we can't do anything for the pneumonia because it's covid related. Even though you can treat viral pneumonia. They refused to do so because "covid is the main cause".


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