Antonio Brown says a couple teams have called him


Despite quitting on his team in the middle of a game, if there’s one thing Antonio Brown has made clear, it’s that he wants to keep playing football. Although the star wide receiver may be currently focusing on his rap career, er I mean, recovering from his ankle surgery, Brown wants to be back on the field by the time the 2022 football season begins.

He recently visited with, where they covered a variety of topics , but there was one specific quote that is drawing the most attention.

“I’m a football player, man. I’m a professional athlete. Let’s not get that twisted. That’s my main thing,” he said, adding that he’s already been in contact with some organizations. “A couple teams called,” Brown revealed.

Antonio Brown speaking to

Initially, it seemed hard to defend Brown’s on-field actions, and it’s still not right to cause a scene and walk off in the middle of a game. Can you say distraction?

But it would be impossible to ignore the events that have occurred since. Brown claimed all along that he was hurt, and that coach Bruce Arians tried to essentially bully him into taking the field, pushing his injured ankle even further.

Of course, that isn’t respectable either. Arians should have never tried to strongarm AB into playing if he wasn’t comfortable. How many players would want to give 100% for a coach personality such as Arians displayed?

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Antonio Brown’s surgery may give him lifeline needed to return

Then, we see Brown truly was injured all along, proven by needing surgery . The very same surgery he’s currently recovering from.

While in the immediate moments after Brown threw his jersey and football equipment and walked off the field, it was easy to say no team would likely ever want him again, the aftermath that has followed has certainly changed the narrative.

It remains to be seen whether any franchise will take yet another chance on AB, but his talent is undeniable, even when he’s not playing at 100%.

Of the 32, well maybe now 31 if Arians sticks in Tampa, all it takes is one organization to say yes, taking the plunge hoping Brown can minimize distractions while producing at a high level.

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