Amazon worker hurries to eat and sleep during 90-minute break before next shift in viral video

The Independent
The Independent

An Amazon worker who posted a viral Tiktok of himself racing to eat and sleep in a 90-minute break between shifts says he often goes without food at work.

J Lozada showed his rushed routine while preparing for a second shift at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey in the nine-second clip that has attracted nearly 200,00 views since it was posted on Wednesday.

It shows him taking a “far walk” to punch out of his first shift before eating a meal of pasta and sauce he had prepared the night before, and catching a few minutes of sleep in a co-worker’s car.

J Lozada, 23, has posted a series of Tiktoks titled “When working at Amazon” that have reignited criticism of working conditions at the digital retail and delivery mega company.

In other posts he suggests he only had a 30-minute break between shifts, which gave him barely enough time to purchase a sandwich.

“‘Im jealous of getting a break,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“People get breaks,” another commented. “I work 12 to 16 hours a day with no break.”

The Independent has contacted Amazon for comment.

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Red Hill

I was a engineer at a major hospital...most times when snow was coming in we were called in 4 to 6 hours before our regular shift for plowing and salting detail ,then do our regular 8 hour shift,,then many times stay late cause of weather....we never complained,,we gladly expected the extra pay and make a extra few hundred dollars in two days.


It’s funny how so many people just say to get another job sometimes That’s the best thing that you can do because Amazon does pay over 15 an hour and most places still only pay about $8 to 10 dollars In many locations and without a college degree Or years of experience sometimes Amazon Walmart and other warehouse jobs are about the best that you can get sad to say

Jennifer Johnson

I don't believe it. If true he signed up for VET because our FC only allows you to work 12 hours a day, sixty hours a week max. People love to be dramatic and you only work 4 days


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