Rep. Castro on Jan. 6 plot: “It’s becoming clearer..that Donald Trump and his minions orchestrated this at every level”


Cover picture for the articleAs more details are revealed about the scheme to overturn the 2020 election results, Texas Democratic congressman and former impeachment manager Joaquin Castro says this is a sign that that January 6th committee...

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Nothing is more clear than President Trump exposed Washington and how they pay to play. They wash billions in tax money by sending it to Pakistan for transgender studies!?!?!? Really in a Middle East country were it is not tolerated by the Muslims. Just one of the many things that were exposed.

Linda Campbell

IF everyone would stop talking about the color of one's skin and speak as an American our country would be much better off. the media is the worst, black man or latino you never hear them say a white man. in God's eye we're all HIS children. as a human being we all have a heart, a soul and our blood is red. I pray daily that God protects this country and its people. crime is TERRIBLE, drugs are killing of all ages our jails and prisons are full and our elected officials are running into the ground fir their greed. PLEASE turn to God and receive Him into your heart.

Very American

says the leftist who sat in silence as cities burned across the country while his party posted bail for those responsible. This partisan committee is proving to be as useless as Biden as president


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