People have just noticed a striking similarity between 3 of the biggest celeb couples


It's safe to say that we're living in a very strange era of celebrity couples.

Perhaps due to our obsession with social media, there is rarely a day that goes by where we don't hear of an absurd quote or see an eye-brow raising Instagram post from the most talked about celebrity couples in 2022.

Right now, there are three couples that regularly dominate the celebrity gossip columns: Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson and Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

Now a lot has already been written about these three couples already. Fox and Kelly seem to have an ongoing competition with just how garish and surreal they can make their relationship appear (the most recent episode being a ring made of thorns). Elsewhere, people are still trying to get their heads around Kim Kardashian dating an SNL comedian and in fairness, her older sister and Barker have managed to keep a relatively low-profile, apart from when they are not putting on very public displays of affection.

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However, as it has been pointed out by actress Niccole Thurman there is something odd that connects all these couples, and no it's not that Kim and Kourtney are sisters and that Fox once modelled for Kardashian's Skims fashion brand.

Thurman astutely noticed that all three couples look like each other. While the two Kardashain sisters and Fox are aesthetically similar, largely because of their jet black hair, its the men who had the most work to do as they all different builds, heights and ages, with there being a nearly 20 years age gap between Davidson and Barker.

However, their edgy looks and obsession with covering their bodies in tattoos means that they could all pass for being very close friends or at least members of the same pop-punk band.

Thurman's amusing but accurate observation has since gone viral with many people also noticing the similarities.

There\u2019s gotta be a tatted white boy playing 3rd string in the NBA for Khloe right?\u00a0\u2026

— \u2728K\u2728 (@\u2728K\u2728) 1642815491

A new trend is coming . Just wait for it\u00a0\u2026

— girlygirl (@girlygirl) 1642809917

The fact that it\u2019s all Venus & Mars\n\nLibra & Scorpio \nAries & Scorpio \nTaurus & Taurus\u00a0\u2026

— m\u00e9lanie (@m\u00e9lanie) 1642805185

basketball players are not on trend anymore it\u2019s skinny tatted weed men\u00a0\u2026

— rhi (@rhi) 1642791375

Choose your fighter\u00a0\

— Dougie Fresh (@Dougie Fresh) 1642789847

This is just Spiderman No Way Home in real life\u00a0\u2026

— that mouse from Cinderella (@that mouse from Cinderella) 1642798231

gotta be one of my favorite genres\u00a0\u2026

— thee anthony fantano (@thee anthony fantano) 1642789074

Of course, this is the first time that major celebrity women have shown an attraction to this type of male. For instance, look at Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie who are both married to the brothers from Good Charlotte.

So there you go.

This is obviously the way things are going for celebrity couples these days and dare we say, it's good news for men who listened to a lot of Blink-182 when they were younger and got a lot of regretable tattoos.

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Kathy Huff

they are all gross looking in my opinion.They all look pretty much the same.


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