Aaron Rodgers’ net worth in 2022

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Green Bay Packers gunslinger Aaron Rodgers has built the reputation of being one of the NFL’s premier talents. Other than that, though, he’s most recently been in the news for COVID discussions. But we’ll let that go for now. Here is a brief run-through of how the Packers superstar became one...

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John Obrien

Now you know why he is one of the richest players in the NFL. Not one of the wisest players to play the game. Tom Brady isn’t necessarily the smartest player. He was smart enough to not take the most money as a player. Brady was smart enough to spread the wealth on the team. That is why he is probably the most successful player to play Professional Football in the NFL. If Brady wins the Super Bowl Again this year. He will be the most Successful Quarterback ever to play the game in the NFL.

Rocky Rhode

Aaron Rodgers should retire from football and go to work for State Farm. Then he could insure everything BUT a Super Bowl.


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