Graham, after meeting with Trump, says Russo-American relations won't be the same post-Biden

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSenate Judiciary Committee member Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News that earlier Friday he met with former President Donald Trump and that the two had a frank discussion about the state of the country. Graham told "Hannity" that both agreed President Biden has been a disaster as commander-in-chief, and...

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Chip Happens

trump and most of the gop lied and tried to steal an election in which people died (January 6th) trump withheld information from an incoming president endangering America trump basically had to sneak out the back door on January 20th because the man baby couldn't handle he lost and most of America dislikes him .

wayne stewart

yeah we know because 7 Republicans had secret meetings with putin and russia over the 4th of july holiday in 2019 what was discussed and why wont they even admit they were at these meetings.


Graham, you should yhan step up to the plate and help instead of shouting off your mouth because you work for us the people NOT TRUMP!! So put your money where your mouth is and HELP THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND QUIT I MEAN QUIT SMOKING WHAT EVERY YOUR ON BECAUSE WE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC HAVE HEARD ENOUGH OF YOUR LIES AND DESERTION TO US, WE THE PEOPLE!!


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