‘Blue Bloods’: You ‘Can’t Tell From This Post’ But Vanessa Ray and Bridget Moynahan Do Like Each Other
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Leave it to Blue Bloods star Vanessa Ray to clarify that she and fellow cast member Bridget Moynahan do like one another. Even in this scene?. Apparently, Ray and Moynahan cross each others’ red lines in a scene from the CBS police drama. Ray plays Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan while Moynahan plays...

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Charlotte McKnight

excellent show last night, I haven't enjoyed watching a program this much since mash.all the individual stories last night were great.

Julian Hudson

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode To see people on both sides take a stand on principal and to work through it while still maintaining their relationship with their friend or family member is instructive to all of usIf I were to pick a word to describe Blue Bloods, it would be integrity Every member of that family is a role model of what it means to be a mature adult and that is refreshing in this day when everything and anything goes I could be friends with everyone at their dinner table


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