Judge Orders Release Of Body-Cam Footage In Death Of Jason Walker, Who Was Killed By An Off-Duty Cop

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Black Enterprise
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A judge has ordered the release of body camera footage of officers who arrived at the scene after Jason Walker was killed by an off-duty cop in North Carolina. Walker, 37, was shot and killed earlier this month by off-duty Cumberland County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jeffrey Hash, who was driving his car...

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I’m proud of the judge people need to see first hand of the body cam that’s what we pay taxes for and we can get the truth on what happen and no matter what race no one deserves to die especially if they weren’t armed but yes there is reason to be in trouble if someone acts out in a bad way

D Brooks

I watched the video of the father who said his son took off into the road and jumped on top of the deputies hood of his truck and the officer asked the father did he know if his son have a mental illness and he said he didn't know. his father was telling the truth about what he seen. The only thing that I questioned was the father and his son in a disagreement before he run out in the road because the father said he was hollering for his son to comeback and he ignored him.I don't know what I would do if someone run out into the road and jumped on the hood of my vehicle hitting at the windshield it probably shocked the deputy and his family not knowing what someone might do if they are crazy enough to do something like this.

jake foreman

Yet police are being ambushed and killed like the 23 and 27 year old responding to an adult male still living with his mom at 47 and killed the two officers when they tried to intervene. Lives matter though.


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