Ex-Russell Westbrook teammate calls out LeBron James over fit on Lakers

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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Russell Westbrook and LeBron James trying to play basketball together has gone even worse than Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso trying to teach karate together. Now one of Westbrook’s former teammates is putting the onus on James to fix it. Ex-NBA guard Anthony Morrow appeared Friday on SiriusXM...

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The Riversider

Bron could have gone to a team that suited him better, but he chose LA to be close to the celebrities. He thought he could make another super team. I’m glad he’s getting what he deserves, I hate super teams.

Sheila Walker

Russell is over the hill. You can't fix that. he can't shoot the ball; the only thing he's concerned about is getting a triple double if he can't get that than the whole team suffers.


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