Black Woman Says She Was ‘Racially Profiled,’ Accused of Stealing Black History Month Items From Target

Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise
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Just do the Right thing and Shop At black Owned Stores. Problems solved. Because at least when they catch them they can't Whine about It.🤔🤯

Michele Boucher

My sister & I were out shopping & had already gone to 3 different stores. We were looking for a new outfit to buy our mom which is 75 years old. She likes colorful & flowy type tops, anyway we walked by this one window in a row of shops, & saw this beautiful top in the window & went in to get a better look. There was a black lady behind the register & one sorting thru clothing items on a table. My sister & I walked right over to the top in the window that we were looking at, & thats when one of the black ladies made the comment to the other, 'I think they lost' & then both ladies started laughing. Needless to say, we left without saying a word, but we strongly gelt we were discriminated against just for being white. Racism is in ALL our lives not just in a black man's world.

Tits and Grits Diner

But she calls for discrimination herself by saying we should only shop at black owned stores. That statement made me wonder if she did something purposely to lead someone to believe she was stealing. Some people will go out of their way for an opportunity to claim racism and those people are racist themselves


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