Prince William Heartbreak: Kate Middleton’s Future Royal Title Will Be Bittersweet For Her Husband? Duchess To Be Called Princess Of Wales

Cover picture for the articleKate Middleton's future royal title will reportedly remind Prince William of Princess Diana. Prince William lost his late mother, Princess Diana when he was just a teenager. Even though it’s been years since the Princess of Wales died, it’s possible that the Duke of Cambridge has never gotten over the...

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Tazia 0576

I personally don't know Kate. But if she is as good as she seems. Especially with her family an the extra pressures she is always under being a royal. An if their marriage is as good as it seems. I think Diana's memory would be honored to have her own sons wife her daughter in law step into the title. I think Diana would approve an William should be proud of her an support it. I followed Princess Diana life. it was not easy at all. I think Kate would do honor serving as not a replacement but a extension of Princess Diana's title. May God Bless Them an Families Both. Prince William an Princess Kate May God Bless your an your family Reign.

Ree Wood

Harry and William router family and their wives don't have no kind of authority cuz that Queen rules them who want to live like that


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