Alpine CEO warns Silverstone and Monza to stay ‘top of their game’ after labelling them ‘old and shabby’

The Independent
The Independent

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi has called Silverstone and Monza “shabby” and the “great” tracks will have to be at the “top of their game” to stay staple circuits in the Formula 1 .

Multiple new circuits are coming into the sport with the 2022 season having more than any other year with 23 slated. And the F1 isn’t stopping there with more talks being had elsewhere which could increase the amount of tracks in 2023. Rules state the F1 can’t have more than 25 races in a year and Rossi believes older circuits need to update or risk getting cut.

“I personally think it’s setting the bar high, in terms of infrastructure [and it] makes some venerable, amazing tracks look a bit old and shabby,” he told GP Fans .

“Especially when you are in Abu Dhabi, it’s all perfect, it’s very nice and they’re making the right modifications on the track. I think Abu Dhabi now is much better than it used to be. The drivers certainly like it.”

And he added: “It’s great to be in Monza and Silverstone, and I love those races very much, but you need to stay on top of your game because the others will probably build...

“I guess Miami will try and do the same. They’ve built something to make sure that if you fall asleep, they’ll get the spot.”

While the F1 is ever-expanding, former boss Bernie Ecclestone believes the growth of the sport could hamper its popularity.

“This is how you scare away even the biggest fans and destroy interest on TV,” he told Blick . “Eighteen races are enough. But now, with the unnecessary stress, they are even destroying many families and trampling health underfoot!”

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