Pope Francis vows justice for abuse victims after audit faults his predecessor

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articlePope Francis pledged Friday to provide justice to victims of clergy sexual abuse, a day after an independent audit faulted his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, for having botched four cases of abusive clergy when he was archbishop of Munich, Germany. Francis met with the members of the Vatican office...

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C. Patt

Change the rules the Catholic Church has been doing it for centuries change the rules allow your priest to be married how can a priest sit down with a couple and give the marital advice when they have no idea what it’s like to be married how can I talk about children when they’re not allowed to have them it is absolutely ridiculous in a Catholic Church to do so much good in the world if they would get out of the way of themselves

Basil Hayden

How dare the Germans blame a future pope for the misguided priests who probably never should have been ordained in the first place.!!!


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