Prince William Allegedly Banned Meghan Markle From Attending Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

Prince William allegedly made the decision not to invite Meghan Markle to Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebration this year.
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In its Jan. 24 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the queen decided to delegate the task of inviting guests to her Platinum Jubilee to Prince William because she has a very busy schedule. The queen’s age has also been catching up to her.

Prince William immediately accepted the job on hand and decided that it would be best if his sister-in-law will be banned from attending the event. After all, the last thing that the Duke of Cambridge wants is for the drama to ensue on the queen’s special day.

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why would she even want to go? after all doesn't she claim the royal family are racist.better yet why would they want her there? so she can come back to the US and sell her story on how horrible they treat her... I'm sure good ole Meg sees she can make some $$ out of the visit otherwise she could careless.they walked away from the family, now the want to come and go when it suits them...


keep her and Harry away. they broke The Queens heart. I'm glad Princes Charles and William have stepped in to help make decisions with Queen Elizabeth

Cindy Rentz

Congratulations Prince William. Stand your ground. As much as America would like to see them gone. we sure wouldn't wish them on the Queen on her special day, or any day .


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