Tracee Ellis Ross turns up the wow factor with a brand new look

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Cover picture for the articleWhere are the curls? Tracee Ellis Ross gave Tyra Banks a run for her money with some supermodel-worthy posing on Instagram on Friday and her new look was fierce. The daughter of Diana Ross pulled out all the stops as she vogued her way through a photoshoot with ease....

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Allen Houston-Bey

Look at how Diana Ross is still trying to show off those utters. lt's over D. Cover yourself up. This unwanted display of cleavage at your age,only, causes gag reflexes 🤢. See what l mean. Also, tell Tracee to stop endeavoring to remain relevant with always putting her body on display. May we see what a beautiful mind she has? What has she attained academically. What has she accomplished with her mind,not body. Show us how smart she is.


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