Tucker Carlson Calls Howard Stern a 'Coward' Over His COVID Stance

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Tucker Carlson praised Howard Stern for his radio career before attacking him over his latest COVID-19...

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Matt Ro

Tucker is right, it is sad. Not just Howard Stern, but all of the people who have suffered mentally. They have been the victims of fear mongering by so many. Everyone talks about the "next pandemic" is inevitable. I say it is already here. The pandemic of fear that our health care officials have perpetuated is appalling. There have been massive mental health issues across the world over something, that while dangerous, should have been dealt with in a completely different way. Shame on our governments.

Ed Robiadek

Since when did your health become my responsibility? Quit the sugary drinks,fried foods, snack cakes, cigarettes,liquor and all other unhealthy foods. Start taking care of yourself. Trust your vaccine and masks. Shelter in place while I continue to live my life as it should be lived, free and unafraid!!!

Monica Hill

what is sad is that the people at fox are fully vaxx so don't get it twisted and if these same people hallo about freedom why go to the hospital when they get sick they don't know what these same doctor who are trying to save their lives are putting in their body they want freedom stay home and deal with the freedom can't have it both ways IT IS ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH


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