POLITICO Playbook: Suspicious Trump weighs dual endorsements


Cover picture for the articleTHE REBOOT — With his agenda stalled in Congress, President JOE BIDEN is switching strategies, “a stark admission that his approach to governing so far has fallen short,” NYT’s Michael Shear, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Katie Rogers report. “Biden will retreat from the tangle of day-to-day...

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Phillip Ben

Trump doesn’t like the 50/50 chance, so, he endorses both opponents! lol! What’s that tell you? He Doesn’t Care Who Wins! It’s About Himself! In the end, he’ll just say that the one he picked won!

Monica Hodges

How about nobody wanting Trumps endorsement period, because they are afraid they will lose voters. It's not ALWAYS ABOUT WHAT TRUMP WANTS. Who cares what he wants? If I was running for office, I wouldn't want to be linked to Trump in anyway shape or form. I would stay clear of him. He couldn't pay me enough to allow his endorsement!

Peter Seykora

The math is simple: more than 40% of Republicans have left the party because of Trump. The fix is simple: Dump the self-serving Trump who is a proven loser and get back to the Republican party principles that were successful before Trump damaged the party's reputation. Trump has far too much baggage and is far too easy of a target to ever be successful again. America does not like radicals in either party - America supports moderates 99.9% of the time.


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