Supreme Court, investigators force Trump and his children on the defensive on multiple fronts

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleA flurry of decisions by the Supreme Court and federal and state investigators has forced Donald Trump and his adult children to defend their conduct on multiple fronts, potentially jeopardizing their futures — or perhaps yet again allowing the former president to escape unscathed. On Tuesday, New York...

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Hope Hathaway

About a week ago I read an article about the orange loser and Jared Kushner re them trying to change official US currency to Bitcoin. That just itched in my mind. Today I read how they received donations in Bitcoin. I think I understand now - of course there HAD to be something big in it for them. Oh, yes! In 2016, he tried to buy Greenland, personally, using US currency - the media made it all about US acquisitions and that fell thru. Then covid hit and the US reserves he had his eye on went to research and stimulus. Along that line - the fund those two set up and never paid out to anyone for research - DOES Kushner still have it? Anyway, the Bitcoin bit: In the transfer of currencies, who would notice a few billion going to his off-shore accounts? Yeah, between the money and trying to overthrow our government, he had plans to drain this country - straight into his pocket! How involved are the kids?


The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed -Of Men Like Trump/.. Trumpism is the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate these men.. Give Off will pass, and dictators like Trump Will.. Be born and die in the expansion of America, and the power they took from the people will return to the people... And so long as men and fight for truth and Justice equal rights for all... liberty will never perish... Republicans and Democrats can work together... It's.. Trumpism... that's tearing us apart... But... America will be right there to fight you so Freedom can stay free... For All..

ELizabeth Adams

Yes, this is "old" news. Poor Trump was upset that they were harassing the children. I can't exactly remember his comment, but it was kinsa like shame on you, they are children you are attacking. Children? What are "children" doing holding high level key positions in the Whitehouse? They should have been home playing with their dolls and trucks! They are ADULTS...not children! Yes, his children, but they are adults who were employees of Trump.


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