Exclusive: Charlotte FC’s Christian Fuchs explains why soccer jerseys matter so much

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Axios Charlotte

Christian Fuchs loves the memories associated with shirts.

Spanning his 17-year career as a professional soccer player, the Charlotte FC defender estimates he has around 200 at his primary home in New York. Over 100 hang in his “ man cave ,” a space he credits his wife with creating, while the rest are in a closet.

Why it matters: The Austrian is probably the most recognizable face on Charlotte’s Major League expansion franchise, given his time in the Premier League. He was also the model for Charlotte FC’s first jersey launch last month.

Of course: He also has a memorable last name: No, it’s not pronounced like the f-bomb, but he’s taken advantage of the similarity with lifestyle brand and a distillery #NoFuchsGiven , plus his other entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Charlotte FC continues to take advantage of this, using him to unveil their kit and in marketing leading up to their inaugural home match against LA Galaxy on March 5.

What he’s saying: “I’m not into collecting, but it just accumulates over time,” Fuchs told me this week.

  • “There are a couple of them in that are very special,” he said. “I mean, they’re all nice. Don’t get me wrong.”
  • He was pleasantly surprised when he discovered a jersey he wore as an 11-year-old while going through everything.

The man cave. Photo courtesy of Christian Fuchs

His collection includes jerseys from leagues and competitions across Europe. Some are from well-known players — Raul, Wayne Rooney and Kasper Schmeichel — but the ones that mean the most to him are team signed jerseys.

  • His jerseys are organized by jersey swaps, when players exchange jerseys after a match, on top and Fuchs’ hanging on the bottom.
  • “For me, it’s just memories and letting those memories live in my man cave,” Fuchs told me.

    When it comes to Charlotte FC, he wants to keep the first two jerseys.

    • “The first jersey you play the first game for Charlotte FC is simply something I want,” Fuchs said. “I’m not returning those jerseys. It’s a special moment for everybody, I think everybody will understand, as well as the the first home game, which is equally important, equally precious to the first away game.”
    • Charlotte plays their inaugural match at D.C. United on Feb. 26.

    Photo courtesy Charlotte FC

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