Gojek Clone App Indonesia: Create Your Own Brand In The Application Marketplace

Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro

Undoubtedly, in this Digital Era, we need Apps like Gojek to survive through our everyday needs! This App offers 70+ On-Demand Services right at the fingertips of the App Users. What else can an App User ask for? Well, this App is Power Packed with Features and Services that you need. All you have to do is simply name it, and it’s there right on your Smartphone’s Screen, ready to make your day happier!
Gojek Clone


These are just a Handful of Services offered on the App.

1. Online Taxi Booking

Need to rush to your Office but your Car's out of Fuel? Don’t worry! Open the App on your Smartphone and go to Taxi Ride. Select your Preferred Mini-Cab, enter the Pick-Up Location and the Destination, choose the Payment Mode and you’re all set to hit the Book Now button! The Taxi Driver will reach your Location in a couple of minutes wearing a Face Mask and with a Freshly Sanitized Car!

2. Food Delivery

Did some Guests visit your home unannounced? Well, don’t bother about the dinner! The On-Demand Multi Services App is here to serve your Guests! Open the App, go to the Food Delivery Section and Search the Name of a nearby Restaurant you want to order the food from. Their entire menu will open up on your Screen. All you have to do is Add to Cart the items you want, choose the Payment Mode, and hit Place Order! Suppose you’re Ordering the Dinner from Gibson's Bar & Steakhouse, then here’s what your Cart will look like:

  • Heritage Berkshire Pork Chop (12 oz) ……… x1
  • Whole Spit-Roasted Chicken with Fries ……... x1
  • Macadamia Turtle Pie ……… x1
  • Extra Mint Mayonnaise Dip ……… x3

3. Car Wash

Need to take your Wife on a surprise Road Trip to Long Island’s North Fork, Greenport on her Birthday? Well, it’s time to give your Luxury Subcompact BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Sedan a deep Internal and External Cleaning! Open your Gojek Clone App and go to the Car Wash Section. Select a Car Wash Expert near your Location and Book their Service! You can see their Rating & Review before hiring them. If the Expert is offering more than Internal and External Cleaning, you can customize your Package and Pay accordingly!


There is not one, but numerous Pioneering Features that have left the App Users mesmerized! Here’s just the Peanut Sized list of Features from an Entire, Elongated Catalogue!

1. In-App Push Notifications:

The In App-Push Notifications Pop Up with Graphical Icons representing the Live Status of the Order/Delivery Driver/Parcel. They notify the App User about Successful Dispatch of their Multiple Parcels, Delivery Genie on the Way. Or, Delivery Driver is waiting at the Restaurant to Pick-Up the Order, Bouquet of White Roses Successfully Delivered, etc.

2. Covid-19 Safety Checklist:

This Safety Checklist is purposed for both the Taxi Driver and the Rider. Both of them must confirm this Safety Checklist before requesting or accepting the Ride. They must also abide by the Checklist to ensure their Safety in the times when Novel Coronavirus is spreading havoc!

  • Safety Checklist for Taxi Riders

To keep the community safe from the Virus, the Checklist mentions that the Rider must wear a Face Mask. They have to Wash/Sanitize their hands before the Ride Starts and after it Ends. The Rider has to Handle their Personal Luggage on their Own! Lastly, the Rider is recommended to pay through the In-App Wallet instead of Cash as the Viruses can transmit through the Currency Notes.

  • Safety Checklist for Taxi Drivers

The Taxi Driver needs to agree with the Safety Checklist that mentions that they need to wear a Face Mask. The Drivers need to sanitize every product that they keep in the vehicle. They should wash/sanitize their hands before they Start a Ride and after it Ends. Last but not the least; the Drivers compulsorily have to Disinfect their Vehicles Daily and after every single Ride!

3. Voice Instructions for the Delivery Drivers

It is easy to understand Quick Voice Notes, especially for the Delivery Drivers. This Feature allows the App Users to Record and Upload Voice Instructions on the App itself. The Delivery Driver can listen to the Instructions that were sent to explain to them where the Package needs to be Dropped-Off, the Two-Wheeler Parking Instructions, etc. The Voice Note Feature not only makes the Delivery Job easy but also aids in offering Contactless Delivery of the Packages!

Won’t these Services and Features make you one of the Top-Most Demanded App in the Marketplace of Millions of other Applications? Well, they will definitely!


Gojek Clone App is the best way to become the most Successful Entrepreneur of 2022. So, grab this Golden Ticket and earn Easy and Quick Money without a fuss.

Connect with a Licensed White-Labeling Firm that has an Industrial Experience of 10 years in Launching Apps like Gojek on a Regular, Daily Basis!

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