'Get Out of the Car': Internet Slams Mom for Forcing 30-Week Pregnant Daughter To Walk Home

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"So much can go wrong and I couldn't imagine doing something so cruel to my own child," one commenter...

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While there may be another side to the story, the pattern of the mother’s behavior is consistent with that of a narcissistic personality disorder. It’s not the making her daughter walk home; it’s the constant sabotage and gaslighting. From showing up unannounced to derail plans and basically take her daughter hostage while putting herself in the role of hero, to making her daughter late to the appointment because the mother wanted Starbucks, to prioritizing her shopping and visiting friends when her daughter had gotten bad news about the pregnancy and just wanted to go home to process it, the mother made sure her own needs were met at the expense of the daughter’s, and when the daughter set limits, she lashed out. Classic narcissist behavior. The daughter would do well to keep her mother at a distance.

Cindy B

Did everyone miss the part where she had gotten bad news about the pregnancy? Did mommy dearest even ask about that? Having to spend the rest of the day with mom just because she was probably lonely, must have been tough.

Shirley Roden

I have no ideal why people act as they do. this woman ,could have drop the young woman off first then gone shopping as it saids she did . anyways. not a very careing person


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