Dak Prescott Receives Punishment For What He Said About Officials

The Spun
The Spun
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Just a few days ago, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott made headlines with a controversial comment he made about the officials from Sunday’s game. Following the 23-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Cowboys fans threw objects onto the field, expressing their anger with the officiating crew. After learning fans threw...

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Mark Bunner

While Dallas committed many penalties the problem is so did the 49ers.. That were not called. So Dak is not wrong... Unfortunately i'm sure this will continue next season. Refs control who wins or loses with no accountability.


it's funny the holyer than thou cowboys got beat. so they blame the refs. truth is you didn't have what it takes. dont be a sore looser and face it. your not America's team any more

Ash Salas

Start fining these refs for making bogus calls also! This game was given up by the cowboys point blank, but we saw to many up in the air games this year thanks to bad calls, refs get paid 6 figures to call a game a few times a week during regular season, most of them have other jobs, so hit them were it hurts also


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