Former Obama official rejects Biden's claim that Fox News reporter's question on Putin was 'stupid'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleA former member of the Obama administration pushed back after President Biden brushed aside a question from a Fox News reporter about allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to make the first move in Ukraine and called it "stupid." "It isn't a stupid question," former Obama Director of Global Engagement...

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Jim Welch

Biden has no clue what he is doing nor what he is supposed to do. 47 years he has proven that and people actually voted him in. that's what is hard to believe

Tracy Dianne Taylor Smith

I am so ashamed of his family. they saw stars and fame that poor man needs to be in a home and they'll pay for it one day. in the mean time we the people are suffering

⚡ ODIN ⚡

Can't keep himself in check, always talking out his neck. Dude needs to be in a recliner somewhere getting a diaper change instead of being President. Unfathomable that he could get the most votes in history. Yet unfortunately he is the President for now. There's a Red Wave Coming! 🇺🇸


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