A federal judge just issued the first significant ruling in a Trump ally’s lawsuit against the Jan. 6 select panel — and the committee won.


Cover picture for the articleIt carries big consequences for other challenges to the panel's work. Here's the latest: A federal judge rejected an effort by Donald Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich to force the Jan. 6 select committee to return his financial records, which were subpoenaed from J.P. Morgan. The panel obtained the records...

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trumps attorneys for certain don't care a lick if any of these frivolous lawsuits ever go his way, the only purpose they serve is keeping the committee running in circles for 9 months because if the republicans win the house back at the midterms the committee, the lawsuits, the entire Jan 6th will all disappear. Wake up America. Smoke and mirrors

Lucy & Molly

The criminal prosecution walls are swiftly closing in on Trump world and Trump family and the crime family boss Donald J Trump. Ever since uncontroverted eye witness testimony was given for the first time ever in a court of law that Donald was a passenger multiple times on Epstein's Lolitta Express, the stink of child trafficking clouds the air, and multiple protections of Trump and his cohorts and companies are moving forward with haste to bring justice to this Trump crime syndicate. Praise Jesus.

Bobbi Morgan The Fam

Bless your little heart. You're living in TFG'S alternate universe. Everything you said is a lie. One of the problems is you and people like you can't tell the difference between a lie and truth. There was NO FRAUD. I could explain everything to you but I'm not. I'll give you this to think about. Most people vote down tickets where if you vote for all the Republican's or Democrat's. Most of the Republican's running for office won their elections except for TFG. This means that they voted for someone else other than TFG. President Biden received 7-8 million more votes than TFG because we Democrat's showed up in force, as well as, Independent's and Republican's who didn't want our great country to turn into a dictatorship.


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