Video: Inebriated Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson after crash

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Video from the interior camera of a Douglas County squad vehicle that captured the moments after the high-speed, drunk-driving crash involving Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson was released to the public on Wednesday.

One particular video shows Hutchison breathing heavily and slurring his words following the crash on Interstate 94 near Alexandria during the overnight hours of Dec. 8, 2021, after he attended a Minnesota sheriff's conference.

Dispatch audio playing inside the squad vehicle makes some of the back-and-forth conversation between Hutchinson and the responding deputy difficult to hear, but this is how it went.

Deputy: "I'll be right back with you, OK."

Hutchinson: "Yes, sir."

Deputy: "You're not hurt though you said?

Hutchinson: "No, sir."

Deputy: "What's your name, sir?"

Hutchinson: "Dave."

Deputy: "You said you weren't driving, right?"

Hutchinson: "No."

Deputy: "What happened?"

Hutchinson: "Where are we right now?"

Deputy: "We're in Douglas County, by Alexandria."

Hutchinson: "Yeah I didn't drive."

Deputy: "How did you get on the road over there?"

Hutchinson: "Um. I was down in, we were up in Alex for the...for a...a conference."

Deputy: "OK, what kind of conference?"

Hutchinson: "We were at, uh, the sheriff's conference."

Deputy: "Who was driving because I'm concerned here..."

Hutchinson: [Inaudible]

Deputy: "It's a [inaudible] SUV of some sort. I don't know what kind of car it is."

Hutchinson: "Well I wouldn't be driving."

Deputy: "[Inaudible] ... I can't find anybody else around here who was driving."

Hutchinson: "I'm not...I'm from Hennepin."

'Deputy: "You're from Hennepin?"

Hutchinson: "Yeah I don't know. I took a cab from some person."

Deputy: "So were you a passenger?"

Hutchinson: "Yeah, I don't drive."

Deputy: "OK, so there is somebody else out here then?"

Hutchinson: "Well what kind of car is out here, what is that right there?"

Deputy: Like I said, Dave. I don't know what kind of car it is, it's too smashed up right now. But I'm concerned because I don't see anybody else inside and you're telling me you weren't driving."

Hutchinson: "No. Absolutely not."

Deputy: "So there is still somebody else out here that I should be looking for."

Hutchinson: "Are you on, where are we right now?"

Deputy: "We're near Alexandria."

The deputy then explains that an ambulance is en route and asks Hutchinson if he has any weapons on him, to which Hutchinson says "no."

The video concludes with Hutchinson waiting in the squad until the ambulance arrives and he's asked to get out of the vehicle to be evaluated on a stretcher.

You can read more about the findings from Hutchinson's DWI case here.

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