Dolly Parton Celebrates Turning 76 ‘Just Hangin’ Out’ In ‘Birthday Suit’ With Throwback Photo


On Wednesday, January 19, Dolly Parton turned 76, marking another year as a singer-songwriter with over 100 million records sold worldwide. So, how does a sensation such as Parton celebrate this birthday in particular? With a stylish throwback photo and some humor.

Parton took to social media on the big day to share a photo of herself wearing a vibrant, silky pink suit with darker magenta lace and strings of beads hanging across the front. Long, matching earrings are visible under her hair, which is much shorter in the picture of the country star.

Dolly Parton celebrates 76 in a simple way

The Wednesday post is captioned, “Just hangin’ out in my birthday suit!” and has attracted over 300k likes from her 4.7 million followers by time of writing, as well as over 9,000 comments wishing Parton a happy birthday as she turns 76.
Scent Beauty, known for providing scents associated with a handful of celebrities, offered a deal for the occasion / Instagram screenshot

But the well-wishes extend beyond her post and the responses. On the same day, the perfume brand Scent Beauty shared a post offering a free Dolly-inspired fragrance specifically for when Parton turned 76. Parton shared the post to her Stories. On top of basking in the birthday fun, Parton has also been promoting her album Run, Rose, Run, along with the book she worked on with James Patterson.

Everyone has reason to celebrate Dolly Parton as she turns 76

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton share more than careers in music; Parton is godmother to Cyrus, whose father is country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus. On Wednesday, she too celebrated Parton’s birthday at 76 with a post of her own. “One of the many invaluable lessons learned from @dollyparton,” she wrote. “Happy Birthday Aunt Dolly!”
Dolly Parton is celebrating not just turning 76 but the releaase of a new album and book / Dolly Parton on Instagram

The accompanying clip is from Hannah Montana, where Parton plays the aunt to Cyrus’s character. The two are sitting together when suddenly a phone rings…from Parton’s hair. Cyrus mentions this questioningly, and Parton explains that when a person wears pants as tight as she does, her famously big hair acts as a replacement pocket for her phone. Duly noted.
Wishing Dolly Parton a happy birthday / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

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