The Queen's royal residence she's never lived in – and it's perfect for Prince William and Kate

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Cover picture for the articleThe Queen has several royal residences around the world, and while she primarily divides her time between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, there are some properties she has never lived in at all. They include Fort Belvedere, an 18th century property located in Windsor Great Park, and the former...

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Barbara Chadburn

They should do something with all of these castles they own that the people support. Time to get with the change, it’s got to cost a fortune to keep these places up

NoGuts NoGlory

I don't understand why the Royals divide their time between multiple houses to begin with. It's not like they're at opposite ends of Great Britain. It's only 20 miles to Windsor Castle from Buckingham Palace and only 2 1/2 hours from Kensington to Anmer Hall.


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