Boyfriend insists new girlfriend wears makeup to meet his friends for the first time


If you’ve ever wondered how a relationship can end in three seconds, keep on reading.

One woman was left mortified by a string of text messages from her boyfriend. In them, he asked her to pop on some makeup because she was meeting his friends for the first time.

In the clip fittingly captioned, “Here’s to being single in 2022”, Lily (@xlily.brown8x) shared a series of screenshots to her 3.1 million viewers and counting.

What started out as an ordinary conversation between the pair soon had jaws collectively dropping across the platform.

He opened the chat with: “Hey hey babe. Have you started getting ready for tonight yet?”

Lily explained that she hadn’t “done makeup or anything” because she was under the impression it was a casual outing.

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To her horror, her now-ex-partner responded: “Yeah babe but do you mind just popping a little bit on as you are meeting my mates and stuff for the first time.”

The audacious exchange wasn’t quite finished there.

“Don’t want them thinking I’ve pulled a clapped one,” he added. “First impressions and that.”

Lily said the comment made her feel sick, and understandably, she no longer wanted to go because he “made [her] feel bad about it.”

Just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, he added the icing on the cake.

“Ugh babe don’t bother then, either put something on your face or don’t turn up because I cba,” he said.

here’s to being single in 2022 #fyp #foryoupage #saturdaysarefortheboys

here’s to being single in 2022 #fyp #foryoupage #saturdaysarefortheboys

Inevitably, the exchange riled up thousands of fellow TikTok users, forcing them to have their say. One spoke on behalf of the platform, saying: “When I tell you my jaw dropped to the other side of the earth.”

One said they “would’ve received the SWIFTEST block”, while another shocked user commented: “Ain’t no way he thought it was okay to say that.”

“Nahhhhhh I wouldn’t be having that,” one added.

Another joked, “Send the screenshots to his mum, so she knows what she raised.”

Talk about red flags.

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R. Nelson

Any guy that controlling or demanding at what sounds like the beginning of a relationship, just you wait until you move in together....thank God this chick had enough sense to cut it off immediately.

Kay B

I dated a guy for a very short time that would tell me to use make up and wear my contacts when going somewhere, then he would proceed to check out my outfit And even suggest what he thought I should wear. needless to say, that did not last very long. lol

Baltimore Baby

I went out with a few guys who didn't think I was worth looking nice for. One time I put on a pretty dress,curled my hair,put on makeup and jewelry and guy shows up in shorts,baggy shirt,sneakers without socks,etc. I went and changed into a similar outfit,took off my jewelry,and put my hair in a ponytail. He asked me why I changed clearly disappointed. I said we needed to match. He said he had to look sharp for work so wanted to let loose on weekends. I said that work was worth his effort but not me? Bye Bye. My husband of 25 years came for our first date in a nice casual outfit with sport jacket and cologne😄 He wanted to impress. He did😁


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