Watch: This Robotic Arm Can Do Everything From Laser Engraving to Stirring Your Soup

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Robb Report

We could all use an extra pair of hands around the house. So concluded Huenit , a South Korean startup that has designed a robotic arm to help you with an array of creative tasks and household chores.

The company’s eponymous bot, which was launched on Indiegogo last December and will be rolling out to consumers in July, combines advanced artificial intelligence with a nifty modular arm to execute complex activities with speed and precision. It can do everything from film video content to 3-D print a prototype.

The AI camera, which is kind of like the bot’s brain, can capture 30 frames per second and comes equipped with special sensors that enable real-time facial recognition, object detection and more. It also sports an intuitive 2.4–inch touchscreen display, a microphone that offers voice recognition and a speaker in case Huenit wants to chat to you. Naturally, it works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy pairing with smartphones and has easy-to-use software, according to the company.

The real pièce de résistance, though, is the arm. It can rotate 220 degrees, lift up to 26.5 ounces and stretch out to 15.4 inches. It also has an extremely good aim with an accuracy of around 0.002 inches. Various tools (or “modules”) can be added to the arm, including a 3-D printer and a high-power laser that can cut and engrave paper, wood, leather and aluminum. There’s even a pen module that can draw and write.

What’s more, Huenit says you can design your own modules with the customizable creator tool. You could add a special attachment to hold a wooden spoon or your coffee cup, for instance. This module comes with ports and power outputs for any plug-ins that you wish to add.

“When creating Huenit we aimed at developing the most versatile robotic arm for both professional and personal use,” Huenit co-founder and CEO Sangmin Lee said in a statement. “We are excited to see how Huenit gradually turned into the one tool to make all the crazy ideas of its users come into reality.”

Huenit appears to be a hit, too. The company originally set out with a goal of raising $30,000 on Indiegogo, but has amassed more than $720,000 at the time of this writing. Huenit is not the only company building futuristic helpers, either: Samsung and Moley have both launched robotic arms to help in the kitchen.

As for price, the top-line Huenit Pro Kit with a full range of modules will set you back $1,699, while the Huenit Basic Kit with just the creator module is priced at $1,199. The robot is scheduled to start rolling out this July and you can pre-order it here .

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