Khloe Kardashian faces criticism for selling three-year-old daughter’s used designer clothes instead of donating

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Khloe Kardashian is facing criticism after selling her daughter True’s used designer clothes for steep prices instead of donating the outgrown items.

On 14 January, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who shares her three-year-old daughter with ex Tristan Thompson , posted a link to Kardashian Kloset , where she is selling some of the child’s previously worn clothing, including a $150 Ralph Lauren jacket and a $75 swimsuit .

“Omg I miss seeing True in these outfits,” the Good American founder wrote on Twitter alongside the link, which includes items from designers such as Puma, Fendi Kids, Oscar de la Renta, and Givenchy.

While some of the items are more affordably priced, such as a pair of Adidas shorts for $25, others items, such as a pair of Fendi jeans , cost $495 despite being used, while a pair of pink Gucci tennis shoes , described as being in “excellent condition,” are listed for $250.

One dress by the brand Aristocrat Kids , which features silk and ostrich feathers and is described as still having tags and in “pristine condition,” is listed on the site for $556, which the price notes is a decrease from the originally listed amount of $695.

The other items listed as being on sale are not hugely discounted either, as the price for a skirt by Mochi has been cut by just $5.

As for the least-expensive clothing items, the lowest retail price found on the website is $20, which applies to a pair of white Dickies, a shirt, a pair of Levi’s jean shorts, and some tights.

On Kardashian Kloset, it notes that all sales are final, with the website reading: “No returns, exchanges, refunds or cancellations.”

On Twitter, the pricey listings for the used or outgrown items have sparked backlash from some of Kardashian’s fans, with many criticising her for not donating the clothes or handing them down to another child in the family.

“Who would pay that much for children’s clothing, let alone used,” one person tweeted. “Who gives a damn about brand names. So disgusted when these clothes could be donated to people in need.  Everything is about money with Kashdashians! I gave all my stuff away to people that could use them.”

Another person said: “I hope the profits from the sale of those used clothes are going to charity. Any other scenario is perplexing. You have so much, surely you can afford to gift a needy child used clothing.”

Others noted that many of the clothes likely weren’t even purchased by the reality star, as the famous family is often gifted items by designers.

“I do hope, since a lot of her outfits are gifted by designers, that you take the proceeds from the sale and donate to charity,” someone else wrote. “I don’t understand reselling the clothes when you clearly don’t need the money and someone else in need could use them.”

In response to the tweet, another parent revealed that they had donated all of their daughter’s clothes to the Salvation Army, before adding: “Believe it or not, it is not that hard to be a good person sometimes.”

Kardashian also faced backlash over the price of some of the items, as multiple followers pointed out that Cat and Jack tights retail for $6.99 at Target, while the reality star was selling True’s for $20.

“Twenty bucks for some Cat and Jack tights that Target sells for $6.99. What planet do you live on? Do better - donate this stuff,” another person tweeted.

While many of Kardashian’s followers were critical of her choice to sell True’s clothing, others defended the 37 year old on the basis that parents don’t always donate their child’s outgrown clothes, as some have garage sales or resell them online.

“People have garage sales (that include clothes and gadgets), they don’t give those things away for free and we don’t get mad at them but we hate Khloe for doing the same?” one fan asked.

Kardashian is also not the only family member to sell previously owned clothing, as the site also includes sections for every other member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

While the website does not specify where the proceeds from the sales go, it states in the “ about ” section that the “goal at Kardashian Kloset is to share a part of the Kardashian Jenner family lifestyle by offering you the opportunity to own one-of-a-kind items, while promoting sustainability”.

The website also notes that the items have each been “hand-selected” by the individual family members.

Although Kardashian has not addressed any of the backlash over the clothing sale, she was recently applauded after donating to a fan who identified themselves as a special needs teacher and asked if she could retweet a crowdfunding link to raise money for a new classroom rug.

In response, the former Revenge Body host responded with a screenshot of a message thanking her for donating, which she tweeted along with: “I hope you got it.”

After another teacher thanked the star for purchasing the fellow teacher’s rug, Kardashian replied: “I am so grateful that I’m in a position that I’m able to do this! I thank God every day! Bless you for all that you do.”

The Independent has contacted Kardashian Kloset for comment.

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