What Is an ADHD Person Like?

Cover picture for the articleAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which affects an estimated 4.4 percent of American adults, is a chronic condition that can last a lifetime. A person may begin to experience symptoms during their childhood and discover that they continue into their adolescence and adulthood. Although no two people with ADHD...

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I can tell you what it feels like to have adhd as an adult as well as a parent of a child with severe adhd. CHAOS. it's chaos.

tyler reese

I have had adhd all fifty years of my life. I always knew I was somehow different from others, that things just never seemed easy for me and then at the same time certain things I was focused on would sometime amaze others. friendships were rare and hard to find. school , work, family , any social event was always a strain .I didn't find out about the adhd until I was forty and was. randomly tested along with others in a state run vocational rehab for those who had injured themselves on the job and had to switch occupations. it has been a chore.

ur mom

cr ack head energy from the moment the eyes open. like a permanent zing that doesn't stop. both me and my kid got it. it's the can't sit still gotta touch and be into everything deal.


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