Bobby Shmurda Seemingly Responds To Wack 100's "Twerking" Comments

Cover picture for the articleBobby Shmurda has been having the best time of his life since getting out of prison last year, dancing it up with his friends and exhibiting child-like, carefree energy during public appearances. The New York rapper has been enjoying himself as he gets re-acclimated to the music industry but, unfortunately, many...

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Young Fresh

didn't Bobby stand tall on all charges and even did more time so Rowdy would get less time ? but Wack co-sign a snitch like 69. no mo talk 🤷🏿‍♂️

El7777El 7777777

It is sad to say, I am all for the phoneix rising from the ashes and becoming anew.At any rate these production labels and companies owned by rich descendants of powerful Ole good Ole boy's are working endlessly to destroy the image of the So called Black man to project them as feminine was all part of a elaborate plan many years ago. Please wake up people of color. Before it's to late. In the struggle. Moe'El

Jasmine Jae

This bald out of shape dude has his nerves and he walking around with a purse lol


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