Congress receives Jan. 6 documents Trump fought to keep secret


Cover picture for the articleIt was about a month ago when Donald Trump appeared on Fox News and was asked about the investigation into the Jan. 6 attacks. "Honestly, I have nothing to hide," the former president said. "I wasn't involved in that." It was a curious response for a variety of reasons,...

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Trump needs to realize, no secret service protection in prison. Hope they give him inmate number 46, as a gesture to his successor

Johnny Alaska

why would Trump want to sue the archives center if he had nothing to do with anything... it's only a matter of time until they find a way to re try him for collusion with his boyfriend Putin....

Michael Ewans

This is what I don't understand about us living in the internet age and believing we can truly keep things a secret or get away with "it". It's the very means in which we communicate now that prevents secrets from being kept. We want to communicate, we want to be heard, we want to SHARE our voices and images of ourselves with the WORLD, but when it backfires it backfires doesn't it? then it's impossible, literally impossible, to try and say you never said that or did that - because there it is. Much like : if you don't want big brother to track you, then don't carry Big Brother's device in your pocket!


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