Prince Charles Allegedly Open To Helping Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Fund Their $100M LA Castle On One Condition

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

Prince Charles is allegedly open to helping Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fund their dream $100 million castles but there’s one important condition.
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In its Jan. 24 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Charles will only help the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if they’ll agree to return to the United Kingdom permanently.

But this setup won’t make sense for Prince Harry and Markle because it would be pointless for them to have an entire castle built in Los Angeles when they won’t be able to live in it because they’re in the United Kingdom.

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Bruno From HB

These two, Harry and Megan, need an MRI of their brains 🧠. SOMETHING WEIRD is going on in their heads.🤪

Susan Garvin

I thought Harry wanted to live and provide for himself? What happened to that? He needs to get a J.O. B. Like the rest of us. Spoiled kid

Kay Kinsler

everyone has issues in their childhood some more then others. once children are adults you do NOT OWE them anything! grow up quit blackmailing your parent. quit trashing and trying to destroy what your grandmother worked hard to build. and for God sake she just lost her husband. you say you love your grandmother BUT your actions say different! be a man!


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