Meghan Markle's mother Doria Ragland is the Duchess' double in archived wedding photos

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Cover picture for the articleMeghan Markle's parents Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle tied the knot back in 1979 – and Doria looks remarkably like the Duchess in unearthed photos. The couple opted for a bohemian wedding day and The Mail on Sunday reported the details of their relaxed nuptials, including what the bride and groom...

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morning dove

This story makes no sense whatsoever. And why nutmegs PR team would put the story out. First there’s a lot of inconsistencies with this story second she Doria went to jail for tax fraud and she only married Thomas who was a famous for the lighting Director for shows in Hollywood the similarities of Nutmeg lying to Harry just to marry him gain status just like her mom did only it backfired on her mother and now nutmeg is finding herself with tax fraud as well. I see a problem with the whole scenario and the lies and the master of manipulation really it’s inconsistently and criminal…

B Fm

WHERE is the Black side of her family, does she not have cousins, uncles, Aunts, grandparents??? I find that very strange, that's why I am beginning to believe that most people on the world stage are actors

The White Flower

Her only fault that she agreed to marry a white prince ,she shouldn’t honestly due to his powerful life , being a prince ,white skin and and race . She should be with him she should marry someone ordinary like her . They will stay after her until she divorce prince harry .


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