Meghan Markle Allegedly Planning To Build A Castle In Los Angeles That Would Cost Her $100 Million

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are still, technically, living the life of royalties even though they are no longer senior working royals in the United Kingdom.
Meghan Markle and Prince HarryReuters

After all, Markle and Prince Harry are living in a mansion in Montecito with their two children. The couple has also been making millions of dollars from their lucrative deals with various companies and brands.

But New Idea, in its Jan. 24 issue, claimed that all these are still not enough for the Duchess of Sussex.

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Scott LeMay

Harry will never be the man his older brother is ..never will be anything of importance with his bride from hell 2 spoiled brats that expect to world to fall all over them..l at me spoiled generation so sad don't know how to respect others

morning dove

Media reports are getting out of hand , fake and fraud , CA has no place to build a Castle at . This is so hilarious and so fraudulently criminal..🤮🤮🌪🌪


I wonder where she is getting this money? Just read her husband was begging for money because she is spending it all.


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