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Clermont Sun

Howdy folks—Here it is Wednesday and today the recreation lady is having a beauty contest. The barber is a lady, and she is busy cutting hair on women and men. She cut my hair a couple weeks ago. This afternoon there will be a bingo game. I never won a game, but the ladies did pretty good. For the last game it was to cover all the bingo card. I just needed one more number to win that one. That didn’t make any difference to me. It was just the opportunity to play with the rest of the folks. The lady that is in charge of recreation does a fine job and takes her time calling out the numbers so folks can hear and understand each number.

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George Rooks, The Ole Fisherman.[/caption]

It seems every evening there is an ambulance bringing in a person or taking one out. They do a good job working with patients here, so this is good. The young ladies are sure good with giving medicine and taking blood pressure. There are several that are studying nursing.

I was talking to Bill Sweeney, and he has a bunch of laying hens that are laying that are for sale. You can give him a call at 513–620–1109. Bill is a good steward of his chickens and has several hives of honeybees. Maybe he has some honey so be sure and ask him. Bill is a good farmer and takes care of his livestock as well as the vegetable stand in front of his house. He has as many as 1200 laying hens sometimes.

I asked the good Lord to give me more to write about, so I am going to write about my early days while in school. We didn’t have any bathrooms in the school only the outhouses. They worked good. The men and boys had one and the women and girls had their own. When I passed the place where the school stood, I can still picture the building if I close my eyes. We never had flush toilets as long as I was in school. The outhouses, both of them, the best I can remember were along a little creek that runs at each end of town and during the winter the creek and a pond would freeze over and us boys would slide on the ice. Those were hard days but good days.

Start your week by praying and praising the good Lord.

God bless all …

More later …

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