Lakers Fans Blast Team After Getting Beaten By Pacers: "Please Trade LeBron Out Of Respect."

Cover picture for the articleThe Los Angeles Lakers have recently lost to the Indiana Pacers 104-111, and there is no doubt that this was a game that they should have won. This was certainly a disappointing loss for a team that was looking to build momentum. LeBron James once again had a fantastic...

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Ruben Perez

Starts with defense and LeBron is become part of the problem. To add insult he requested all the young talent to be traded to bring in his boys.

Peter Wanglue

Trade him. He gets so jealous when a young talent athletes play better them him. LeBron, you are the cancer to all the young talent athletes who play better then you.

One Zippy

This Lakers Team is not living the expectations. The chemistry, injuries, coaching, players suck. This Team is trying to win now and has made so many trades that they have lost perspective of the value of those traded…Lonzo, Harrell, Kuzma, D’Angelo, Ingram - all are shining in their new teams. Bron, AD and Russ cannot be Lakers core. Changes need to be done and create more balanced team.


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