"Madea" Actress & Hip Hop Producer Among 19 Named In PPP Fraud Indictments: Report

Cover picture for the articleThe government continues to crack down on Payment Protection Program fraud and in Georgia, 19 entertainers and CEOs have reportedly been named in a new indictment. We've continued to report on artists, sports stars, and popular public figures who have found themselves on the wrong side of Uncle Sam after they...

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cap 2

Amazing the education level of the majority of the people charged with fraud. Hard to believe they didn't see a audit coming from the government later. This is still America remember nothing is free.

Phillip Goodwin

They should all have to go do a little jail time. They shouldn't be stealing government money, leave that up to the people in the white house.

Sweet Magnolia

Some people just over do it. If you lost money fr, be honest. Trying to play the government always comes back full circle. I hate to see what happens to the reg people in my area. They were doing way too much. Most are unemployed, majority don't even own a business, most living in public housing, majority on public assistance🤦‍♀️even the bank that gave them the money under investigation (Kabbage). The person that did the application for them charge between $2-5000 (that's ridiculous). Nobody was thinking that this could be a bad idea. They buying lavish cars, taking expensive trips, shopping, having parties, blowing money, starting businesses, make matters worse: they post it all on social media🤦‍♀️


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