Kim Kardashian Is 'Hurt' by Kanye West's Claims That Their Kids Are Being Raised by Nannies: Source


Cover picture for the articleKim Kardashian isn't too pleased with Kanye West's latest lyrics after the rapper claimed in his recently released track, "Eazy," that their four children are being raised by nannies, a source tells PEOPLE. In his new song with The Game, which dropped Friday, the 44-year-old artist implies that he...

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If she wanted to be a good mom, she would put her career and dating life on hold and raise her 4 kids. She's a mulitimillionaire and can afford to be a stay home mom but greed and the love for money, sex, and fame are more important to her.

Del Wil Jr

Kanye is off his meds and might do or say anything. He went from having the traveling gospel show, to running for president (telling all of he and Kim's private business at a press conference). His new girl said she came back to the hotel room one day, and he'd had all her stuff packed and moved, and replaced with all new stuff. He threatened Kim's new boyfriend a song, bought a house across the street, and last week he was in Russia, demanding q meeting with Putin, about doing a concert over there. Is he being a good parent with all of his activities? When was prepping his album release, and living in the Atlanta stadium while doing it, she regularly brought the kids to see him. He moved to Montana, with discussing it with her first. He needs to get back on his meds, 'cause he is spiraling.

Yanil Pedomo

her career is understandable but her dating should have nothing to do with it like she moved on so fast should took a bit more time with her kids explaining to them what Is happening instead of just bringing another man home but to each it's own


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