Tony Dungy drops truth bomb on the reality of Cowboys playoff loss to the 49ers

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Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy has had some time to analyze the Dallas Cowboys playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers. After a bit of thought, the NFL analyst from NBC has come to the conclusion that it was the Cowboys’ abysmal play and not...

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Dallas had an entire game to play well and prove themselves. Now they want to whine about the last 4 seconds? 😂

richie rich

The cowboys and their fans are in deep pain and will be during the off-season. Most cowboy haters will admit that they hate the cowboys because of the team's and fan's arrogance. They are NOT America's Team. They are the biggest disappointment the NFL has seen in over a quarter century. Jerry Jones is the most hated team owner. He drew the ire of loyal fans when he bought the team and immediately fired the legendary coach Tom Landry. Their success in the '90s made them very popular and from then on the team, and fans developed a sense of hubris (extreme pride) not seen in other franchises. Well, nothing hurts more than having your ego deflated like a water balloon.Blaming others for their missteps is a symptom of an altered ego. Cowboys and their fans should tone down their false sense of superiority-or rather inferiority- and hire a good shrink to help them get off their high horse.

Rebel 49

They are soft, with a soft owner. Nothing will change with Jerry as GM


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