John Cena Comments On Potentially Becoming A Father

Cover picture for the articleJohn Cena says he is still not interested in becoming a parent. The topic came up during an appearance by Cena on The Drew Barrymore Show. Barrymore brought up the hundreds of wishes John Cena has granted through Make-A-Wish and suggested he would make a great father. “I think...

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Constance Mack

John Cena can't make up his mind!! First, he didn't want kids, then because Bella did, he then wanted kids! Then, he said he really didn't want kids. So, Bella ended it. He marries Shay and says, I want to have a bunch of kids and want to get started right away!! Then, he says I'm really NOT ready for kids, but possibly in the future!! HOPE he's more STABLE in other areas of his life!!! 🤪😱


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