Meet the E-RV, Winnebago’s First All-Electric Camper Van Concept

Robb Report
Robb Report

The electric revolution has finally made its way to the camping world.

Motor home giant Winnebago unveiled the e-RV concept at the Florida RV SuperShow on Tuesday. The slick prototype features an all-electric powertrain from Lightning e Motors and can travel 125 miles on a single charge.

The e-RV is the product of two years of development by the the brand’s Advanced Technology Group. The camper is based on the Ford Transit—as opposed to the increasingly ubiquitous Mercedes-Benz Sprinter —but instead of a gasoline powertrain under its hood, you’ll find an all-electric drive unit. Winnebago offered scant details about the concept, but it did say that the Lightning e Motors powertrain is connected to a 86.0-kWh battery pack. No power figures were provided, but the vehicle is expected to travel 125 miles on a single charge.

That range is nothing to write home about, especially now that we’re starting to see the 400-mile barrier being broken , but a camper van is also very different from a car, SUV or even a truck. A fully stocked camper doesn’t just transport passengers, it also carries an entire living space, often including a bed, kitchenette, bathroom, cargo and more. We still don’t know exactly how much towing will affect the range of electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck , but the e-RV’s figure, as unimpressive as it may be, takes the full payload into account. And you will be able to charge the vehicle relatively quickly. The battery can be fully refilled in just 45 minutes with a DC fast charger.

The e-RV, at least in the prototype stage, will come with an impressive list of amenities. These include a kitchenette with a slide-out induction cooktop, marine-grade refrigerator and sink, as well as a roof-mounted AC and a dedicated bathroom with a toilet and detachable shower head. Based on renderings, the living space can easily be converted into a sleeping area with more than enough room for two adults. The interior is also primarily made up of sustainable materials, like rubberized cork flooring and woolen wall appliques that increase insulation. Finally, there’s an integrated dual-router WiFi network to keep you connected while you’re on the road.

The e-RV may just be a concept right now, but it sounds like Winnebago is serious about putting an electric camper van into production. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be put into the project, but if you’re interested, you can register for updates through the company’s website now.

Van life just got a little greener.

Check out more images of the e-RV concept below:

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