Minnesota high school basketball team returns from game to find bus driver dead

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Bring Me The News
Joe Nelson

After a high school basketball game in Tyler, Minnesota, on Tuesday night, members of the MACCRAY girls team returned to their school bus to find the driver dead.

Tyler Police Department confirmed to Bring Me The News the bus driver stayed in the bus during basketball games between MACCRAY and Russell-Tyler-Ruthton from approximately 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The driver, identified as Jean Waltz, was found unresponsive by members of the team.

"They had ran back to the school for someone to contact 911," Tyler Police Chief AJ Anderson wrote in an email to Bring Me The News.

Tyler PD, Fire and ambulance services responded to the school and performed CPR before Waltz was taken to Avera Tyler Hospital and pronounced dead.

Anderson said it's common for bus drivers to remain on the bus and keep the vehicle running during the winter. Waltz was alone on the bus and no contact was made with her until the girls team tried to get back on the bus, according to Anderson.

"After reviewing the school bus camera, when there is light it appears there is nothing out of the ordinary," Anderson said. "There is no visible activity on camera again during the dark until first responders arrive."

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner's Office will conduct an autopsy to determine a cause of death.

Note: The details provided in this story are based on the police’s latest version of events, and may be subject to change.

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John Roder

Glad it wasn’t in a moving bus at Highway speeds in the dark of night near a tall bridge on a dangerous curve. Too many horror movies? 🤔

Yussufu Nsabimana

God Almighty is with you. My condolences to the family, friends and loved ones.


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