Odell Beckham Jr. hit with PED test after big game vs. Cardinals

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group

Odell Beckham Jr. put together a clutch performance in the Rams’ 34-11 win over the Cardinals on Monday night, arguably his best game since coming to Los Angeles. He caught four passes for 54 yards and a touchdown, also completing a 40-yard bomb to Cam Akers on a trick play.

After helping the Rams advance to the next round, Beckham was welcomed with a drug test at the team’s facility Wednesday, which he revealed on Instagram with a funny post. He shared a photo of himself celebrating his touchdown against Arizona, along with the text message he received about the test.

Was it the touchdown catch that led to the test? His 40-yard pass to Akers? His powerful leg, which he showed off during warmups with a 45-yard field goal attempt?

Probably a collection of all the above.

Beckham tweeted that he’s been getting drug tested like this for years, but there’s been an uptick in tests since he became a member of the Rams in the middle of the season.

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Dee Smooth

The NFL doesn't like the fact he's playing a little better on the Rams than he was on the Browns now they drug test him. That's funny.

Richard Gregory

he didn't have that big of game 4 catch 54 yards and a passing TD that's a good game but not huge


I wish everyone would quit making everything about race!!! And get along and I’m talking about our own country 🙏🙏🙏


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