Conspiracy theorist who spread fake news about Covid-19 on her streaming channel refused vaccine, contracted the virus and died in hospital after refusing treatment

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Fake news and misinformation about the Covid-19 virus and the vaccines seem to be one of the major problems in the country since a decent number of vaccine hesitant people rely on this news when deciding whether to get vaccinated against the virus or not. When it comes to...

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Amber H.

How can so many be so blind? cant you see that they are pitting us against each other? No success stories or stories of community coming together. that's because they want us to fight so they can easily take more control. love thy neighbor and show them compassion! even if they are the complete opposite of you! Shame on those that find pleasure in her death.

Lisa Trout Porrini

she chose to die! that's her choice....just like everyone keeps preaching. I chose to live for my children and grandchildren, so I got vaccinated. MY CHOICE


I think the part that stuck out to me the most was the very end of the article. The poor medical staff are been harassed by anti-vaxxers because she died. This is disheartening. She refused treatments would have helped her, then, on top of that, her followers cause problems probably assuming that the hospital aided in her death. If that is how hospital staff is treated when they try to help, I honestly don’t think that anti-vaxxers should go there. Why should the hospital staff have to suffer for the conspiracy theorists actions?


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