Why This Toyota Camry is Burning Oil Diagnosis

Cover picture for the articleLearn how to diagnose one of the reasons why your Toyota might be burning so much oil lately. And, whether the problem is worth fixing or you are better off condemning the vehicle to the junkyard. Toyota Oil Burning Issue. It’s a common problem many car owners face---they have...

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That other Guy

Last February when I was changing a couple of injectors in the wife's 07 300, I found the intake plenum coated with a combination of blow-by and oil that had been pulled through the PCV system. I had just bought the car in Dec of 2020 and having to add a half0 quart of oil a month to a 15 year old car pushing 200K miles didn't seem unreasonable. I installed a clear fuel filter on the PCV hose and car didn't require another drop of oil till I changed it in October. I figured it was just her car, not knowing its provenance, no way my one owner 06 300 would be like that, and yet exact same thing so after deep cleaning intake I installed a filter on it as well and same results no more oil usage.


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