Here are the finalists for MnDOT's 2022 snowplow naming contest

Bring Me The News
Bring Me The News
Shaymus McLaughlin

MnDOT has unveiled the finalists for this year's "Name a Snowplow" contest, with the public now able to vote for their favorites,

The department said it received more than 11,000 submissions for the 2022 contest, with staff and leadership sorting through the entries to come up with a top 50. These handpicked submissions, much like last year, feature plenty of pop culture references (Lord Coldemort, Betty Whiteout), wintry puns (No More Mr. Ice Guy, Sweet Child O’ Brine) and local shout-outs (Giiwedin, Flake Superior).

Online voting is now open and runs through midnight on Wednesday, Jan. 26. People can vote for their eight favorites. Winners will be announced in February. Here are the 50 finalists:

  1. A Snowplow Named De-icer
  2. All About That Snow
  3. Betty Whiteout
  4. Below Zero Hero
  5. Blade of Glory
  6. Blizzard of Oz
  7. C-3PSnow
  8. Catch My Drift
  9. Coldy Gopher
  10. Ctrl Salt Delete
  11. Dontcha Snow
  12. Edward Blizzardhands
  13. Everyday I’m Shovelin’
  14. Flake Superior
  15. Frosty’s Demise
  16. Giiwedin (Ojibwe word for ‘north wind’)
  17. Halloween Blizzard Avenger
  18. How Now Orange Plow?
  19. Ičamna (Dakota word for ‘blizzard’)
  20. L’Plow du Nord
  21. Lord Coldemort
  22. Minnesnowta
  23. Mr. Plow
  24. No Business Like Snow Business
  25. No More Mr. Ice Guy
  26. Northern Express
  27. Not Snow Fast
  28. Oh Fer Snow
  29. Orange Thunder
  30. Orange You Glad To See Me?
  31. Plowasaurus Rex
  32. Plowin’ in the Wind
  33. Say it Ain’t Snow
  34. Scoop Dogg
  35. Scoopy Doo & Scraper Too
  36. Sir Plows-a-Lot
  37. Ski-U-Plow
  38. Skol Plow
  39. Sled Zeppelin
  40. Snow Big Deal
  41. Snowzilla
  42. Sweet Carol-brine
  43. Sweet Child O’ Brine
  44. Thawnos
  45. Timbrrrwolf
  46. The Big Leplowski
  47. The Iron Ranger
  48. Uff Da
  49. William Scrape-speare
  50. Winter Warrior

Each of the state's eight districts will receive one of the winning names. Last year's winning nicknames were:

  • Plowy McPlowFace – Metro District
  • Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya – District 4
  • Duck Duck Orange Truck – District 1
  • Plow Bunyan – District 2
  • Snowbi Wan Kenobi – District 6
  • F. Salt Fitzgerald – District 7
  • Darth Blader – District 3
  • The Truck Formerly Known As Plow – District 8

North Dakota took a page from Minnesota's book (which actually took a page from Scotland, but whatever) and held its own name-a-plow contest late last year. You can see those winners here.

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