Cowboys Fans React To What Jimmy Johnson Said Tuesday

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The Spun
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Earlier this week, FOX Sports put out an interesting stat involving Dak Prescott and Tony Romo. With the Cowboys’ recent loss to the 49ers, Prescott now owns the same playoff record (1-3) through his first six seasons as Dallas’ starting quarterback as Romo did. Former Cowboys head...

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I believe Jerry is the result of this issue to start, then it goes from there. Jerry will only hire puppet coaches and the only one that made a difference is my man Jimmy Johnson. I thought maybe it would have been good with Bill Parcells, but he could not “buy the groceries” so this was short lived and again Jerry is in the way and can’t stay out of his own way. We had a talented team this year is all I can say. I wish Jimmy would come back and let Jerry eat his pride


Doesn’t that old guy owner Jerry Jones call most of the plays? That’s the problem, he wants control.


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